The Engineering Grade holder must be aware of the ethics of engineering. He/she has to align himself/herself to those rules and ethics issued by the OSE and is aware of any updates to these rules and ethics.

The OSE has the authority to hold, cancel, refer to investigation, fine or punish, refuse to issue or re-issue the grade to any engineer approved to be guilty for any of the followings:

  1. Cheating and scamming practices to get or in trying to get the Engineering Grade
  2. Mishandling of tasks, loss of mind, misbehave while performing the duty
  3. Sentenced on a criminal act affecting his/her solidarity
  4. Refusing to provide the OSE with any required information in result of any complain presented to the OSE and is considered to be a sign of indiscipline.
  5. Presenting untrue information or signing untrue information, certificates, or non-valid payments
  6. Providing any person with assistance to misconduct any of the criteria stated in this system or any of the related rules and regulations.
  7. Mistreat of any of the exam rules and regulations stated by the Council or OSE.
  8. Using the Grade seal or practicing Engineering during which his/her approval is held or canceled
  9. Officially signing and sealing any specifications, reports, plans, maps, designing details, construction documents, accounts, scanning jobs, or review to such jobs considering them as his/her works or under his/her responsibilities and direct supervision
  10. Presenting the OSE with a false certificate or untrue information