who we are?

About OSE

Oman Society of Engineers (OSE) is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization established in 2001 by Ministerial Decision No. 186/200.
OSE seeks to advance all matters related to engineers and engineering profession which ultimately contributes to the development of Oman. OSE is an umbrella for all engineering disciplines and both Omani and expatriate engineers working in Oman. Our main sources of revenue are the training programs and other activities as well as sponsorship. We aim to contribute to the industrial and architectural development of Oman through regulating engineering practices, supporting the needs and rights of engineers, strengthening the scientific and technical ties between engineers in Oman, GCC and globally.
OSE plays a significant role in bringing an environment of networking at which engineers can exchange knowledge and stay updated with the latest research and technologies in different engineering disciplines.

OSE internationally accredited training programs help engineers to improve their management and technical skills and advance their career through professional development.

OSE organizes and hosts engineering events that bring together engineers from all countries to discuss various topics related to the engineering profession. Engineering events is a great opportunity for the engineers to continue learning and networking to stay up to date with the latest cutting-edge advance in the engineering profession.


To become the main reference body of engineers and engineering excellence in the country.


To serve the engineers, engineering profession and community through pursuance of engineering excellence and professional development of engineers in Oman.

Objectives & Strategy

  • Contribute to the regulation and the advancement of engineering practices and enhance its ethics.
  • Establish and implement engineering professional development and mentoring schemes.
  • Establish platforms for engineers and their legitimate interests, and promote networking among its members.
  • Establish and promote technical & scientific cooperation between the Omani Engineers and their counterparts in the Arab and foreign countries.
  • Endeavor to enhance engineering concepts and inform new generations of its importance.
  • Be part of activities that are going to help in the advancement of the modern Omani renaissance.
  • Conduct periodical conferences, training courses, seminars, and engineering exhibitions.
  • Conduct development and training programs for its members with special rates and within the available resources.
  • Organize seminars and site visits for its members.
  • Prepare and distribute bulletins, circulars, brochures, documents, and engineering & scientific studies to the members.
  • Publicize the Society’s activities in order to inform the members and the community through issuing a magazine that addresses the member’s affairs, and publishing the Society’s news in the newspapers, magazines, and other available media.
  • Provide the opportunity for the exchange of engineering and scientific information through different means.
  • Establish a database to facilitate employment opportunities for its members.
  • Establish the rules for the classification of engineering consultancy firms.
  • Establish the system for monitoring compliance with the profession rules.

our board members

Eng. Fuad Al Kindi


Eng. Ali Al Lawati

VICE Chariman

Eng. Abdullah Al Busaidi

General secretary

Eng. Hamid Al Rawahi

General treasurer

Eng. Adel Khan


Eng. Ahmed Al Mazroui