Responsibilities of Members

  • Compliance with the society's Articles of Association, Internal Regulations and the decisions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.
  • Payment of membership and subscription fees as specified by the financial regulation.
  • Endeavor to achieve the society's objective through participation in its programs and activities
  • Enhance friendship and mutual respect among members
  • Compliance with the rules of professional practices approved by the society.


Rights of Members

  • Attend the General Assembly meeting and discuss the subjects included in the agenda.
  • Obtain a membership card indicating the member's name, membership number, validity period and any other information.
  • Obtain a copy of the Internal Regulation
  • Receive free copies of any bulletins or publications with the exception of any material that requires charges to cover its cost in accordance with the provision of Article Thirteen of the Internal Regulations.
  • Review any document, records and correspondence of theSociety during the time specified by the Board of Directors following a written request.
  • Participate in all activities of the Society
  • Associate members shell enjoys all rights except the right to apply for membership of the board of Directors.
  • Inquire about any measures taken by the Board regarding any subject following a written request to the Secretary General.
  • Full and Associate members have the right to vote, elect and make the legal quorum student and honorary members are not eligible for this right but have the right to attend the General Assembly meeting.
  • Members have the right to use the membership title in accordance with the relevant category.