The basic steps to apply for any Engineering Grade:

1.     Fill out the Professional Engineering Grade Application (PDF)

2.     Fill out the letter of authorization (PDF)

3.    Submit your degree certificate ,Passport copy and letter of authorization  online HERE .

4.    You will receive a confirmation email from data flow that your documents has been received along with the payment receipt.

5.     Bring your Professional Engineering Grade Application along with your experience certificates and Authorization letter (each hard copy) directly to the Society office.

6.     Within 21 days youwill receive a confirmation email from the data flow that your degree certificate has been verified and accepted by OSE

7.    OSE Classification Committee shall meet within maximum 3 weeks from the date of receiving the confirmation email form the date flow in order to give the decision for your Professional Engineering Grade



Note: The Society does not provide the status of your application online.

If you are having difficulties completing this form or have any further questions please contact with the Classification coordinator on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.