Oman Society of Engineers (OSE), as a Professional organization which is concerned with Engineering disciplines, has as one of its missions a focus to bring up the Engineering expertise to high Professional levels and ensuring sustained excellence in Engineering practices in the Sultanate. This is obtained through achieving number of set targets, of which raising the levels of Engineers and regulating the Engineering Professional practices is an important one. For this purpose, OSE has prepared the Engineering Classification System.

Its main aim is to guide Engineers in obtaining Engineering knowledge and expertise and continuous Professional development, and assisting companies and organizations in assessing the levels and expertise of their Engineers so to maximize utilization of their abilities and capabilities. Due to the constant increases of Engineers joining the Omani workforce coupled with sustained growth in Engineering projects and works in number, magnitude and types the need to assess the Engineers’ capabilities and expertise levels is of prime importance for assuring the integrity and suitability of these Engineering projects and maximizing the utilization of the available Engineering cadre.

Since OSE is the umbrella for all Engineers of all disciplines and levels of expertise, the Engineering certification and classification system is the proper mean of confirming Engineering knowledge, skills, and expertise in accordance to well defined standards and assessment undertaken by Engineering experts in their fields. It will also act as a catalyst to encourage Engineers to maintain and continue updating their competence.

The Engineering classification system will serve the Engineering work in both public and private sectors through defining roles & responsibilities of Engineers at the various classifications levels and hence job and task matching. This system has benefit from experiences from similar systems applied in the Gulf, Arab World and the world, which had proven to be successful.


  • Evaluate the academic qualifications and practical experiences of those who work in the profession.
  • Maintain continuous development in order to develop the Engineers’ skills and ensure pursuance of the most recent developments in their field of specialization.
  • Secure and apply the best Professional practices by the Engineers with what attains the protection of society and fulfills its welfare.
  • Create Professional records for the Engineer in order to document his qualifying grads, Professional experiences and progress.