1. Contribute in the regulation and the advancement engineering practices and enhance its ethics.
  2. Establish and implement the engineering professional development and mentoring schemes.
  3. Establish platforms for engineers and their legitimate interests, and promote networking among its members.
  4. Establish and promote technical & scientific cooperation between the Omani Engineers and their counterparts in the Arab and foreign countries.
  5. Endeavour to enhance engineering concepts and inform new generations of its importance.
  6. Be part in activities that are going to help in the advancement of the modern Omani renaissance.
  7. Conduct periodical conferences, training courses, seminars and engineering exhibitions.
  8. Conduct development and training programs for its members with special rates and within the available resources.
  9. Organize seminars and site visits for its members.
  10. Prepare and distribute bulletins, circulars, brochures, documents and engineering & scientific studies to the members.
  11. Publicize the Society’s activities in order to inform the members and the community through issuing a magazine that addresses the members affairs, and publishing the Society’s news in the newspapers, magazines and other available media.
  12. Provide the opportunity for exchange of engineering and scientific information through different means.
  13. Establish a database to facilitate employment opportunities for its members.
  14. Establish the rules for classification of engineering consultancy firms.
  15. Establish the system for monitoring compliance with the profession rules.

Means of Achieving the Objectives

  • Establish an integrated engineering database of Omani Engineering achievements and contributions.
  • Appoint arbitrators and experts in the engineering field and provide means of resolving any disputes that may arise among the engineers or between them and their clients in respect of the engineering works.