The Board of Directors is the executive authority of the Society. The Board execute the policies and resolutions prepared & issued by the General Assembly to achieve its legitimate objectives. The Board of Directors manages the Society's affairs and take all necessary actions except those requiring prior approval of the General Assembly.

Members of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors comprises of nine members to be selected by the General Assembly through direct secret ballots. The Board membership shall be for two years renewable for further periods and elected members of the Board shall nominate the Chairman. The Chairman and the other members may not be elected for more than three consecutive electoral terms for same position. 



Eng. Khamis Al-Souli

Eng. Salim Said Al-Ruqishi
Financial Secretary

Eng. Abdullah Al-Busaidi

Secretary General 


Eng. Fuad Al-Kindi
Vice Chairman
 Eng. Ahmed Al-Mazrui

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghasani 


Dr. Rashid Al-Balushi


 Eng. Hamid Al-Rawahi

 Eng. Adi Al-Farei